What is a case break?

A case break is a group of people coming together to have a chance at a multitude of different cards. With the constantly increasing price of a box of cards, group breaks allow for you to get in on the action at a much lower price point.

Am I guaranteed a card during a break?

No, we have no control over the cards in the boxes. You will receive every card for the team you were assigned during that particular break.

Determining who gets a card:

Cards will go to the team name or logo on the card, not the players jersey. If there isn’t a team listed on the card it will go to their current team, or if they are retired it will go to the team they played for the longest.

What do we break?

Our breaks consist mainly of football, basketball, or baseball cards.

Most breaks will consist of the same type of boxes/cards.

Occasionally we will have a mixer break that consists of several different boxes from the same sport.

Make sure you know the type of cards, amount of cards, and amount of boxes being broken before buying into a break.

Each break is different so be sure to hit “Select” to find out the details for each break.

Where do we break?

We break live on our YouTube channel: The TopLoaders so you won’t miss out on any of the action.

What gets top loaded?

All the big hits. As soon as we rip it, we load it!

What is an RT or Random Team Break?

In a random team break, every person buys into the break at the same price point. Teams will be decided by random.org before we begin breaking.

What is a PYT or Pick Your Team Break?

In a pick your team break, each team will have a different price point. You can choose your favorite team, the team with the most value, or the team that could have the biggest hit.

Determining what team you get in a Random Team Break:

Every person in the break and every team in the break will have their name put on the random list generator on random.org. We always randomize 8 times. The list with your name and the list with teams will both be randomized 8 times.

Can I buy multiple spots in a break?

Yes, you can buy any spot that is available until the break fills.

What is a filler?

A filler is a way for you to possibly get in a break at a lower price point so we can get the break filled quickly and keep things rolling.

What cards get shipped?

Every card in a break will ship unless specified otherwise in the break description. All valuable cards will be top loaded and well protected during shipping.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of every break. No international Shipping! We will ship to Canada for an additional $10. We ship to the address you have on file with Paypal. Make sure your shipping address is correct on Paypal.

When do we ship?

We ship every Tuesday. If you have been in multiple breaks during the previous week, all your cards will ship together.

Five Dollar Friday/ Cinco de Monday 

If this was the only break you were in, we may hold your cards for shipping until your next break.

Can I get my break refunded?

Once a break is purchased we cannot offer a refund, but we will try to move you to a different break if possible.